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Hello To All the Dope Ass Moms,


My name is Tabitha Canty and I am also a Dope Ass Mom!  Although many consider me to be a Life Coach, I consider myself to be that “Positive Reinforcement” some moms need to get aligned with their ideal lifestyle. I am all about “Systems”. I help Working Moms, Boss Moms, Executive Moms develop systems to enhance their work-life balance, family-life balance, and overall happiness. 


In addition, I strive to empower moms to feel good about themselves and their decisions, by helping them realize that they are a Dope Ass Mom; however they choose to do it! Some of us moms lose ourselves by pleasing everyone else, or feeling judged if we don’t do things a certain way. Therefore, I help moms by incorporating Mindset Makeovers or Polished and Paid programs. 


As an additional bonus, I encourage moms to make time for themselves through self-care and travel. Implementing self-care routines in their weekly schedule such as meditation, yoga, nail and spa treatments, etc. can have a great impact on Mom’s overall happiness. I also help plan fun outings/field trips for Moms or Moms & family, as well as family and luxury vacations.  


My purpose is to help my clients permanently enhance their quality of life through developing the right systems.

**Fun Facts about Me: I love CAKE, some people call me SUNSHINE, Netflix & Chill is AMAZING, my motto is "Laughter is Good for the SOUL", and I truly believe in following your HEART 

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