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Time to stop clowning around. No more juggling. No more dropping the ball. No more feeling like you're walking a tightrope and about to fall off. A dope-ass mom works to keep her schedule and to-do list in order.  The trick is having a simple, easy-to-use tool - so your to-do list doesn't turn into yet another thing you have to manage.


The Dope Ass Mom With S#!t To Do Planner helps you organize all that shit you have to deal with - starting with getting the kids ready and out the door, being on time for every appointment, taking the time to eat a healthy lunch so your grocery shopping trip doesn't turn into stocking the junk food drawer, working that side hustle, and prioritizing quiet alone time for some self-care.


Say goodbye to feeling crazed, to rushing but still being late, to losing all those important notes you wrote yourself and stuck....somewhere. And, say hello to being the dope-ass mom who exemplifies having a strong work ethic, being accountable to yourself and others, of having goals and not settling into a grind, and being cool and collected despite having so much to deal with.

Unlike the typical planner that can feel burdensome, like you have to have every thought and action planned out every day, the Dope-Ass Mom To-Do List Journal helps you hone in on the most important things for each day & week. Set priorities and see how every chore can actually be one more step toward getting it done. It's your choice. We want all of the Dope Ass Moms to feel empowered by using our To-Do lists.

I'm A Dope A** Mom with S#!t To Do Planner